Coyote Kisses Paints With That Thundercolor

Coyote Kisses is back, everyone.  And announcing their presence with authority while they’re at it.  It has been over a year since their last EP, Acid Wolfpack, and besides a few random, but great remixes, have been a wee bit on the quiet side (if you count winning a pretty bad-ass Mad Decent remix competition being quiet!).  Finishing up school and working on this EP has consumed their time, but it’s finally here.

A four track EP, entitled Thundercolor, this EP shows the melodic side of the production duo of Joe and Bryce out of the V-A has everything you’d want in melodic bass and dubstep.  Female vocals, chest cavity thumping bass, sweeping synth lines, beats that make you sway like Axl Rose in a guitar solo and an overall vibe that makes you want to reach out and mug down with the person you’re beside.

Four tracks we’ve waited for for over a year, and four tracks that do not disappoint.  I’d suggest getting this EP forthwith and put it in the collection right beside CryWolf’s EP, Kastle’s newest, anything by Adventure Club and Bronze Whale’s Year 1 remixes.  It’s that good and that sexy.

So yeah, check the tunes below, then go get the EP (HERE or HERE if you’re budget conscious) and follow the dudes of Coyote Kisses (Soundcloud, Facebook).  Now that school is done, the music should hopefully) start flowing more freely.

Diving At Night by COYOTE KISSES

Stay With You by COYOTE KISSES

This is How You Know by COYOTE KISSES

Changing Guard by COYOTE KISSES

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