BSN Posse Livin In An Old Future

BSN Posse is an interesting project out of the southern coast of Spain.  Made up of solid solo producers, Stay Puft and Broken Lip, they come together in various forms remixing, collaborating and making originals with musicians all over the country.  When they drop tracks, they are always something a little different, but whether you’re a stalwart genre-phile or an open minded eclectic tasted individual they’ll put out something you’d enjoy.  I do love the genre-busters out there and these two guys are doing it with every release.

This release right here, though?  It’s not one of those from out of left field releases and if you like bass, beats and vocals, you’ve found a tasty piece of business. Employing the vocal styles of Skill Joseph, fellow Malaga resident by way of Ghana, he adds his own style to the always great production of the BSN Posse dudes.

So check the tunes below, pick up the album (HERE) and follow the BSN Posse (Soundcloud, Facebook). They’re as good of dudes as they are producers.

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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