Bashin Them Buttons, South African Style

It’s no secret that I am a huge fan of the South African music scene.  For never even being on the continent, it’s always been a strained long distance affair, fraught with being the last to know on some things (Did you know that Dank was also Sedge Warbler!?!? I know!!) and being only and audio observer, rather than a physical observer, you can never make the same parties and can only look at the pics on Facebook of them all having fun and you’re stuck halfway around the world.  Long distance relationships are hard, yo!  But even though my buds over there in SA forgot to tell me about this awesome monthly event that’s been going on since March, I found out anyway.  And I’m sure glad I did, because it’s an event that I can fully get behind.

You’ve heard of the Team Supreme weeklies that pit different producers against each other using the same sample or tune as the foundation.  Like an Iron Chef for beat makers, and this one is a variation of that.  Button Bashers is bringing together everyone in the SA scene to compete and show off their skills and skills there are plenty!  I was just going to introduce you to the most recent competition held back on May 3, but I know there are those who might read this post so I’ll be detailing the previous two as well.  Plus, the jams from the first two need to be detailed.

As with any competition there has to be a winner even though there’s quality everywhere.  This competition is no different as for the May competition, there were some very very good entries.

DJ Maramza won the competition with his entry below, and it is clear why.  Using a Chinese instrumental sample, Maramza (Soundcloud, Facebook) inserted his own bluesy samples and vibe to really get a slow burnin banger that you might see in a Chinese variation of a Mississippi juke joint, whatever that might be.

DJ Maramza – Crows Croaking At Night Remix (Button Bashers) by Button Bashers

Then we have the guys who placed, but didn’t win, Life Magic, Desert Head and J One. I really liked Life Magic’s and J One’s as stand alone tunes, whereas Desert Head’s entry would sound ace with an MC like Roots Manuva or Quasimoto. You be the judge and see which one you think should be the winner. Then go to the Button Bashers Soundcloud and Facebook and tell them, and more than anything, show them some love. Cannot wait til the next event!

J One – Crows Croaking At Night Remix (Button Bashers) by Button Bashers

Life Magic – Crows Croaking At Night Remix (Button Bashers) by Button Bashers

Desert Head – Crows Croaking At Night Remix (Button Bashers) by Button Bashers

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