Archnemesis Goes Great With Some xx

Archnemesis is one of those duos that has it all. Great live performances that are fueled by a stable of awesome originals and great remixes, and their own boundless energy makes them a must see whenever they stop through your town. These guys are always on the move so when they drop little remixes along the way, we are definitely hungry for them and snap them up whenever we see them.

So when they dropped this remix of The xx’s tune Do You Mind, we were all over it like a creeper at a WNBA game.

And then the song started and we were on our way into another great Archnemesis remix. Utilizing the original’s haunting vocals and applying some electro, and some funk to it, it’s enough of an Archnemesis production to keep us dancing like the original never did.

So yeah, check the tune, download it for FREE and follow Archnemesis (Soundcloud, Facebook) for more music, tour dates and show ’em some love while you’re at it, yeah?

Do You Mind – The xx (Archnemesis Remix) by Archnemesis Music

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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