4-Pack Of Goodies For Your Tuesday

I’d love to give you words about the following music, but I haven’t the time, and since your ears need these sounds I won’t wait until I do. 4 chill tunes that span trip hop, trap, RnB and synth boogie and they are all so good.

And if you dig, follow these artists on their Soundcloud. That’s the biggest way to support since I can’t wax poetic about their tunes.

Frxxmasons – My Grxxd Your Bitch (Chrome Wolves Remix) by Chrome Wolves

Lucky Lady feat. Radjoteatern by Evil_Needle

Wax Triptych – Spirit Flower (feat. Hal McMillen) by Jenova 7

B-Ju – Coffee Break With Two Cops by Error Broadcast

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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