VILLAGE With a Sunday Two-fer

It seems that I’ve missed so much in my catching up from SXSW that I have spent the ;last week and a half playing cvatch-up. So for the producers out there, sorry for the delays, and for the listeners/readers….sorry for the delay. These two tunes are so lovely though that I can’t just sit on them, throw up my hands and say Welp I missed that one! VILLAGE has been a long time fave of mine and the consistency with which he provides quality music is awesome. When I see a new tune from him I hit play and sit back, knowing I’m going to thoroughly enjoy. These two tracks are no different.

The first tune is off of an upcoming split EP with three tracks from VILLAGE, and three from Arapaima, including remixes of each. Setting up the tune with some nice drums and orghan work, the vocal chops enter in bringing you along to some great garagey atmosphere and then drops the bass on you like an anvil from 30,000 feet. It’s one of those tunes that keeps you bouncin all the way through and it’s just one tune of three to be excited about with the upcoming EP. Then we have a tune I missed when it dropped and I’m sad I went 20 days without hearing it. Another VILLAGE track, but this one remixed by Henry Krinkle. It’s one of those tunes that while you can see and hear the original shining through, the remix adds so much more. From the EP from back in November (HERE), this tune is great on its own, and soo so good with Krinkle’s touch.

So follow VILLAGE (Soundcloud, Facebook) for more greatness from the man, and Origami Sound for when that EP hits

ViLL?GE – Love On The Line by Origami Sound

ViLL?GE – Wanna Tell You (Henry Krinkle Remix) by Origami Sound

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