The Funk’s Alive, with TYR, Mochipet, and Mr.Bill & Stickybuds

So there has been a great influx of electric funk that I’ve been vibing hard on lately. Whether from Anvil Smith’s album a few weeks ago, or Artifakts’ funk-laden beats, the future is bright for those who love their electronic noises funky and boogie-inducing. These three tunes show that there are some great producers getting in on the funky tip as well. Mr. Bill, known for his glitchy goodness, TYR for his dubstep (but is definitely trending towards a funkier side), and Mochipet who as we all know, is all over the place with the bass, the glitch and the overall bangin’ tunes. Whether this is a dalliance for some, a side project for others or a concerted sound change, I don’t really care. For us listeners and fans, a new sound from a favorite artist is always welcomed (SHOULD be, anyway!)… unless they delve into country music, of course.

The three tunes highlight different producers and careers, though. TYR, still finding his wings in the production game, Mochipet a seasoned veteran and always on the grind (Check out his show this weekend, Bay Area peoples!), and Mr. Bill whose creative juices seem to be coursing through his veins 24 hours a day and finding great projects and collaborations to take part in. All three produce great tunes and they are all so fun to follow as they take us down their creative processes, career arcs and sound maturation and exploration.

So yeah, give TYR (Soundcloud, Facebook), Mochipet (Soundcloud, Facebook) and the Mr. BillStickybuds project all of your attention and love.

Mochipet – Unstoppable ***Euphonic Conceptions Exclusive*** by Euphonic Conceptions

Manics – The Way You Move (TYR Remix) by TYR

Mr. Bill & Stickybuds – Porn Funk by Mr Bill

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