The Beauty That Surrounds Easy Girl

Easy Girl is back, friends.  Taking a break from the Easy Girl production project that Shaun Lopez had rolled out last year, he’s back with an official remix of the Houses tune, The Beauty Surrounds.  After bootlegging Grimes, Beyonce, Ellie Goulding and Kanye, all huge names in the industry, he’s turned his deft hand to a more indie feel of a band, and to a label (Downtown Records) whose artists he himself admires and digs.

The tune starts out like a Coldplay track, but don’t be distracted by that and listen not only to the original which is quite nice, but stay tuned to the Easy Girl manipulations and augmentations that bring this tune from lighter waving piano anthem to indie electronic drive and substance.

Getting his hands on this tune gave him the opportunity to flex his production muscles and play not with just an acapella but with all parts of the song and we see to what great effect.

Promising another official remix in the near future, fans of Easy Girl can get excited again, because he is most definitely back!  And for those not sure of who this guy is, check him out on Soundcloud and Facebook to get a further glimpse.  He’s really just started on this particular endeavor, but so far it’s been a wonderful ride and there will be even more to enjoy in the coming days.  And catch a load of the Houses album that this remix is a part of.  If you like the indie, then you’ll like this.

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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