That CryWolf Always Never Delivers

Just last week we posted a new CryWolf track (HERE), teasing the upcoming EP release. Well, ladies and gents, the EP is here! Dropping today, this panty dropper of an EP shows not only the lighter side of CryWolf but how this fiery haired producer out of Denver by way of North Carolina has matured his sound. Focus on technical and sonic goodness makes these tunes one of his best works and one that while it took awhile to release, is so worth the wait.

This album combines some electro, dance, melodic dubstep and outright fire to hit a lot of areas of anyone’s EDM sweetspots. The vocals have come to the fore as the trend has shown, and whether they are Justin’s, or a guest’s, they compliment the tracks so well.

 Panty droppers, is what these tunes are, and you’d be missing out by not getting the EP forthwith.

 And for those who got hooked on CryWolf’s early stuff (like THIS), you either need to see him live, or…just go see him live! He’s a joy to watch and his sets are always setting the dancefloor alight.

 So yeah, go cop the EP (HERE), follow CryWolf (Soundcloud, Facebook).  Fill your ears with this sexyness and fill CryWolf’s ears with your love.

Crywolf – Walls by Crywolf (Official)

Crywolf – The Home We Made Pt. II by Crywolf (Official)

Crywolf – Swimming In The Flood by Crywolf (Official)

Crywolf – Ghosts by Crywolf (Official)

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