Sugarbeats Drops A Cherry Bomb

Sugarbeats is some of that bass, that bass that you love.  Glitch?  You want some of that glitch too?  Alright, Sugarbeats has you covered on that score as well.  A little bit of dubstep wobbles too?  Sure why not?  A whole lot of fun?  Sugarbeats definitely has you covered there!  This album, Cherry Bomb (no it has nothing to do with the Runaways…or does it?) gives us a lot of that crunchy beat, with the fuzzy synths and boomin bass and doesn’t apologize for cracking your speakers in the process.

The album is comprised of 8 originals, spanning from straight up West Coast bass to funked out glitch hop, and ends with 4 remixes from Waxhole favorites like Mr. Bill and kLL sMTH, as well as ones from Dulahb, and Duffrey.  You’ll see two of the originals below and the Dulahb remix of Cymatic.  You get to hear the original and the remix and you choose which one you like better.  Or you can take the high road (like me!) and proclaim them both equally great.

So check this album and enjoy it to the utmost.  Once you’ve done lovin all over it, pick yourself up a copy (HERE).

Cymatic by SugarBeatsMusic

Outwit by SugarBeatsMusic

Cymatic (Dulahb Remix) by SugarBeatsMusic

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