Slip Slidin’ on Uhl’s Slick Oil

As for the music of Uhl’s, it’s o very nice and chill, with much thought to the atmosphere and emotion that goes along with taking a trip with him down the sonic motorways. Off of the very nice Lumenous 2 compilation (HERE) this tune adds some cerebral and subversive vibes to the album. Almost psy-dub, this tune is much more than a recycled beat and some overused vocal sample. It gives you something new with every passing minute and once it’s gone it has me wanting more.

For those who don’t know Uhl, he released an EP in January and it’s really nice. The vibes in the track Oil, also are present in the EP and it’s a great continuation of the sound. Below you will see my favorite tuen of his from the EP. And as a bonus, just because it’s one of my favorite tunes, have at this Uhl remix of Robot Koch’s classic tune Tapedeck. Three tunes from different phases of Uhl’s catalogue and they’re all so nice.

So follow Uhl (Soundcloud, Facebook) and enjoy exploring his tunes. I’m having a blast.

André Uhl – Oil (from LUMENOUS 2) by André Uhl

Leviathan by André Uhl

robot koch – tapedeck (andré uhl remix) by André Uhl

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