Scoob. Runs With A Darker Blue Blood

I told you we had a lot of stuff coming your way today. This tune actually just popped up, though, so I can’t claim any exclusive access or innate prescience, just dumb luck. Scoob., aka Keith Kelly out of Northern Ireland, dropped this great remix of the Foals tune Blue Blood. Whereas the original is a nice upbeat indie tune with meandering bassline that just smacks of feel good, this re-fit adds a more moody and atmospheric vibe to it. A little darker without being goth, and it’s one of those that sounds completely different from the original, but man is it still nice!

While Scoob. hasn’t been featured on the blog I think it’d be nice to introduce you to a few other tunes of his that need listening to. So as a bonus, check out the tune that got me hooked onto Scoob., called Wandering Around. When I first heard this tune, I tried to classify it, but then as I continued to listen and got further into the tune I realized that it defied genre and fell right smack dab in the bucket labelled GOOD.

So check these two tunes, follow Scoob. (Soundcloud) and show him some love!

Foals – Blue Blood(Scoob Remix) by Scoob.

Scoob – Wandering Around by Scoob.

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