Paper Diamond’s Paragon Of An EP

Big day for some album releases, and this one is no different.  Paper Diamond who has been really making a name for himself the past year, gives us a great EP, entitled Paragon (HERE).  Featuring 11 tracks (including an Intro and an Outro) this EP packs a heavy-duty punch.  I’ve submitted my four favorites but, as I’ve said before, don’t think that these  are the only good ones on here.

Cherub, Buku, Jay Fresh, Protohype, Gavin Turek, Angela McCluskey and Christian Rich all providing production/vocal/misc. contributions this album has a little bit of everything for the fan of all things electronic.  But don’t be misguided in the thought that Paper Diamond is hiding behind these contributors.  Some of his stand alone tunes are better than the ones where he’s worked with others.  It’s a really great effort from Paper Diamond and I’m happy to see his sound evolve from those early days of 2011 when I first got introduced to him and his bass sounds.

If this is your first exposure to Paper Diamond, then get to know him more and follow him (Soundcloud, Facebook) to see what you’ve been missing. And if yu’re already aware of him, follow him anyway!

02 All Goose by Paper Diamond

04 Jus Like Clockwork Feat. Cherub by Paper Diamond

06 Like a Summer Breeze by Paper Diamond

08 In My Right Mind feat. Gavin Turek by Paper Diamond

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