Openin’ Up That Clams Casino

If you went to bed early last night you might have missed a quake of awesome proportions.  The man, Clams Casino dropped over an hour and a half of music on his Soundcloud.  Instrumentals for some of his more famous tracks as well as some you just might not have heard.  The three here are just a taste of what he dropped on his Soundcloud and I’m still digging into it all.

The tunes range from stand alone greatness like Drowning and Natural, to straight up Instrumentals, like Swervin’ and I’m God. Y’know what this means? Not only do us fans get to tuck into a bag full of goodies, but producers from all around the globe will now have some great instrumentals to mash-up to. Some will be bad, some will be good, and yet others will be mediocre, but I cannot wait to hear them all.

As for the tunes I’ve selected to post, you have two I’d never heard before, and then two that we all here at Waxhole have loved since before Waxhole was in it’s current state. They still need posting on the off chance that ONE of our readers never got to experience the greatness. One enlightened listener is worth it!

So yeah, enjoy these and go to Clams Casino’s Soundcloud for even more awesomeness. While he doesn’t usually keep up with his Soundcloud, this one time he’s given us all some joy.

Drowning by clammyclams

Natural by clammyclams

I’m God [Lil B] by clammyclams

Swervin’ (remix) [XV] by clammyclams

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