Noisia And The Upbeats, Such Loudmouths

Now that you’ve woken up a bit, it’s time for a straight up face melter, of the Noisia-Upbeats variety. Last week we posted about The Upbeats’ newest album (HERE) which was released via Noisia’s NeoSignal label. In a fit of gratitude for a variety of reasons (the album release, 40k Facebook followers as well as a pretty bad-ass UStream event from UKF (HERE) which features so many great artists like Calyx & Teebee, Foreign Beggars, Evol Intent, Neosignal, Jay P and of course Noisia) the dudes of Noisia have given us a free download for our week. It’s what you’d expect from a collab between the Dutch Masters and New Zealand bad-asses and it’s 7 minutes of straight up fire.

So do your duty and follow Noisia and The Upbeats, get that Upbeats album, and tune into this bad-ass event online. It’ll do wonders for your complexion.

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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