Matta Is Stalking And That’s A Good Thing

Matta has always bee a favorite of ours here at Waxhole, or at least for THiNK and myself, and they’ve not only just dropped a 2 track EP on Boka Records, but is now taking over the dubstep charts.  Whether Juno or Beatport, the public is indeed liking the tunes and moving them up the charts, and we couldn’t be more happy for the guys.

So without further ado, have at the tunes, and download them (HERE) for just a few quid.  You’d be slightly off not to do so forthwith. Dungeon Dubstep is a classification I’ve seen that I really like. But do not think that the darkness of the dub is there just for effect. No, these guys know their way around sound design and construction, but getting swampy with it all the same. These two tunes are going to be your weekend send-off so enjoy.

So yeah, go get these tunes, and follow Matta (Soundcloud, Facebook) and show them some love. And let’s get them to the top of the charts where they belong!

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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