Manu Shrine and Elo Method’s Before And After So Nice

Ok ok I hear ya.  For those who woke up to the post from last night and found it bangin, but too much for that Industry Night hangover, I got you covered.  Have some Manu Shrine and Elo Method for your slow recovery.  The two artists combine on a two track EP, available HERE, and it does just what you need when the coffee just isn’t cutting it.

Make sure your headphone bass is turned up, your sub is activated and you’re ready to have your ribcage rumble because the low bass washes over you like a warm tide in the cool night.  It’s a wonderful collab between one artist we’ve featured and another I’ve followed but haven’t eatured.  Manu Shrine’s EP off of Loveless Records we featured (HERE) is still in heavy rotation for me and it’s probably going to be for awhile.  It was a stellar intro to the artist then, and a great it is a great repeat visit since.  Elo Method, on his end is likewise a great producer.  The fact that he hasn’t featured on the blog is not because he hasn’t given us the goodness, just we’ve been slacking, truth be told.

So get at these tunes, download them HERE, and follow the greatness of Manu Shrine (Soundcloud, Facebook) and Elo Method (Soundcloud) for more of their solo goodness and hopefully more of their dual project.

Manu Shrine & Elo Method – Before by Manu shrine

Manu Shrine & Elo Method – After by Manu shrine

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