Jon Hopkins With That Open Eye Signal

Jon Hopkins everyone, is surfaced.  Dropping off a single from a forthcoming album release, entitled Immunity, off of Domino Records, Hopkins gets his fans so exited for that date of release (scheduled for June 3).

This tune is everything you’d expect from a Hopkins tune.  It starts out mellow and ambient with the faint murmur of the driving beat that will have thoroughly entranced you by the time the tune comes to an end.  With every passing downbeat, a new layer comes at you like you’re time warping through the cosmos, and by the middle of the track, you’ve closed your eyes, sat back and succumbed to the overwhelming security that this ride is going to take you so many places.

Whereas this tune lasts just under 8 minutes, rest assured that with all of Hopkins albums, you’ll be able to enjoy this same ride and for 45-60+ minutes, and this Immunity sounds like it wil be yet another one of these experiences .

So sit back and enjoy, and follow Hopkins (Soundcloud, Facebook) for more info when the album drops come June 3rd.

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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