It’s So Lovely On The Other Side

What happens when you take the overwhelming bass synth from Purple?  You get this loveliness from The Other Side.  The Other Side, or Nikita Bochkov out of Russia, wants to show you what post-purple (that sounds a bit silly doesn’t it) sounds like.

Released off of the always stellar 710 Records, this 4 track EP (HERE), also brings two remixes along and it’s one of those small doses of musical goodies that while you enjoy it at the point of first listen, you are left wanting more.

The first track, , is more lovestep than anything else, with the slowed and throwed cut-up vocals and the syrupy production, and that is just fine with me.  It is a great album openier as it sets the tone of absolute chill and relaxation with enough bounce and groove to not  put you to sleep.

Principle of Pleasure is one of those tunes that you can see being on the playlist of any chill or love mixtape out there (I wanna believe mixtapes are still a thing!).  It’s one of those tunes that could be a Spring.Summer track rollin down a dark street with the window down and the cool wind playfully tousling your hair.  It’s what the sub-genre purple wishes it could be.

Then when the third track, Sexy Ways, comes in you’re ready for anything along the same lines.  This tune vibes off that subdued playful atmosphere from P of P and gives you such a fun tune.  It’s one of those tracks that you’d listen to getting ready to go out, to work, to school or wherever you need uplifting vibes.

I’ll Be There concludes the originals portion of the EP and it is one of those chill tunes that keeps your head bobbing, while your eyes stay closed with pure enjoyment.  Along the same lines as the first track of the EP, it serves as a great bookend.

Then come the remixes.  The first one from TASO, whom I really enjoy, and the second from Sleeve, whom I haven’t heard before, but I’m sure glad for the intro.  TASO throws his trapped out juke on his remix and it’s quickens the pace of the tune 10 fold.  If you can’t get your feet moving to this, then I’d say your feet were broken.  Sleeve’s remix wonks out I’ll Be There For You without getting too crazy and the added elements, hardened beat and effects just heighten the tune to a different moodspace that I can’t decide which one I like better.

So enjoy the album, cop it HERE and follow The Other Side (Soundcloud, Facebook) and 710 Records (Soundcloud, Facebook) while you’re at it.  They all deserve some love.

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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