Ishi’s Digital Wounds Hurt So Good

For those who missed it last night, we had an event in our room to honor the release of the new album, Digital Wounds, from Dallas based indie dance stalwarts Ishi.  Celebrating an album two years from the previous release, their fans have been licking their lips in anticipation as songs have been played live, but the hard or digital copies were just not to be had…yet.  You heard two remixes for a tune from the album (HERE and HERE), but now you get them all in their original form.

So today the album dropped and wow it’s a stunner.  For those fans of Ishi, this album is next level kinda stuff.  The production work of Brad Dales shines through now that you can hear via headphones or car speakers, and it adds an extra level of awesome to the tracks on the album.  Listening to the album twice last night it was clear that it was nigh impossible to pick a favorite, or three, or five.  But because I need to tease the album a little bit, I’ve given you 5 tracks below, and the other 7 you’ll just have to go HERE to jam and buy.

So follow Ishi (Official Site, Facebook), cop the album and show Ishi some love!

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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