Introducing Windslo

There are certain mistakes you fall into even when you know it’s bad business, especially because of past experiences.  Whether it be drinking too much cider on a night before a 8 AM preso the following day or goin after a bird at last call, you just know this is a bad idea, but you consciously turn that part of your brain off and plow on anyway.  For me, it’s hearing those words from a respected voice for me in the music world.  Those words of “You need to check this dude out” gets thrown about a lot but I should know that when THIS guy says it, it’s no flippant affair.

THAT guy dishing out the advice is DJ Babyshoe, or Eric Talledo, and ‘this guy’ of which he was referring to was Windslo.  Windslo, aka Tyler Fong out of Denver, is one of those guys who has a moderate stable of tunes in his backpack, but the lack of volume belies the amount of quality contained therein.  I first heard the Gold Sweat tune which he seemed to just throw out for fun. Fun tracks for him are greatness for people like me, and turning this ridiculous original song into one to listen and re-listen to is no small feat. The first track I popped on here, though, is what brought it home that this guy is more than quirky bootlegs. Please Say is a chill tune that really gets you swayin like a middle aged mom at a Celine Dion concert. As a bonus I included a third track from awhile ago that also displays his chops in making dope originals.

Really focusing on his production in the past year, you can see that he’s definitely got a great foundation to work off of. Currently working on an EP, as well as some collaborations, this guy is one to follow (Soundcloud, Facebook) and enjoy. I can’t wait to hear what is next!

Please Say by Windslo

Gold Sweat (All Gold Everything Remix) by Windslo

It’s Too Late (on DOPEWAVE IS REAL) by Windslo

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