Futexture’s Don Winsley Remix

Well hello there Futexture!  I never heard of you until just recently with this remix and boy am I glad I found you.  Hailing from the Carolinas, this producer has chosen another Carolinian in Don Winsley to remix and boy is it nice!  Every listen brings a different dimension and to really get the impact of the remix it is important to listen on some headphones or good monitors.  If not you’ll miss a lot of the work he put into this tune.

I’m digging it and am in the process of digging into his back catalogue, like the voracious musical glutton that I am and am excited to hear what else he’s got coming out.  Oh and when you go digging around, check out that track Waning.  Sounds like it belongs in a Tim Burton score, on the real.

So follow him like I have (Soundcloud, Facebook) and let’s discover together, shall we?

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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