Frenic’s Visiting Dr. DaD

Trip hop, like drum and bass, is a big favorite for us here on the blog, and yet we don’t give it near as much love as it deserves.  Not entirely sure why that is, but we’ll set the interns on the case to try and figure that one out.

At any rate, Frenic, out of Bristol, has given us a great 7 track EP (HERE) that is more than just your gsrden variety trip hop experience.  The title of the EP is Dr. DaD and it is a project that takes old samples from Frenic’s dad’s record collection and weaving his own particular influence throughout.  A multi-generational project that is something that probably was as personal a project as Frenic has ever done.  I was lucky enough to have a dad who had some great taste in music, and while there were more Brit-Rock albums than MoTown R&B, it was still a great experience digging through those great albums.  Not sure if this album gets extra marks from me for the paternal connection it draws, kinda like how a great movie become extra awesome, because it’s based on a true story, but personal connections or not, this EP is damned good.

So cop the EP (HERE), take this personal journey with Frenic and give him a follow (Soundcloud, Facebook) as well.

1. Deathless Audio by Frenic

4. Nature Blues by Frenic

6. Astral Knights by Frenic

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