FlamesYall Wants Your Sunday Sexy

Ok I hear you guys..those who are clamoring for the return of Sunday Sexy. I hear you as does FlamesYall. Collaborating with some local MC’s, FlamesYall lays down two tunes for an EP, aptly named The Sex EP. Two tunes that talk of love and sex in more real way than those sung by the artists on the radio these days. While the beats lend to sexyness, the lyrics tell another story. So take these tunes as you will. Focus on the lyrics and get the real dope, or focus on the beats for that groove that’ll subsist you through the day, but take em all in together for the niceness all the way around.

so yeah, check these tracks, enjoy them and do the followings of FlamesYall (Soundcloud, Facebook) while you’re at it.

DrunkVsHiiigh(Feat.Sus,PurpleMatter&DarylSTattoo) by FlamesYall

Capitaliiize(Feat.ElogikSupreme) by FlamesYall

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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