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An-Ten-Nae really has outdone himself with his latest album, Raindrop on Roses (get it HERE).  Piecing together tunes from disparate EP’s, some remixes, a LowRiderZ tune and fresh originals, this patchwork comes out like a Greatest Hits of 2012-2013, and it’s not your same old An-ten-Nae either.  Sure there are the Acid Crunk tasty tunes, but he’s also gotten into some of the slower tempo’s and really given this album layers upon layers of different tastes, smells and feels.
 The tune Beautiful sets the tone in that it shows that you have to expect some different sounds from the Ohanna Man himself.  Beautiful is just that, beautiful, and using vocals and an airy synth line, he’s got you wrapped around his little finger from the jump.  Flowing seamlessly into the next tune, Shining Down On Me, you get a nice dark psy-dub feel with the vocals and the bass intertwining like creeper vines on a trellis.
But you just cannot stop there because when the Pair of Arrows remix comes along you’re back to the airy beauty that the first track set the tone for.  Then when the LowRIDERz track comes along those long time fans have something familiar to grab hold to.  But lest you get too comfy with the familiar, the track lightning comes to shake you from your revelry and bring you into the An-ten-Nae that is the now.  There are other tunes like We Got The Power, my favorite tune off of his Acid Crunk 9 EP from last year, that show fans what you love the producer for, but for the uninitiated, this diversity is something longer time fans have known all along.  The dude can make some music!

It is hard to write an all-encompassing snippet about an
album as diverse as this one, but I also don’t want to tl;dr you readers
with a track by track review, so just jam the tunes and find out

So go get the album (HERE) and show An-Ten-Nae (Soundcloud, Facebook) some love.  He’s always showing the love back and that’s what sets him apart from a lot of the artists out there.

An-ten-nae – Beautiful by an-ten-nae

Pair Of Arrows, An-ten-nae – Vestige An-ten-nae Remix by an-ten-nae

An-ten-nae – Drums by an-ten-nae

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