CryWolf’s Falling Down

So who knew CryWolf had a new EP coming out?  Well if you didn’;t you do now, AND you can pre-order (HERE), and beat all the procrastinators.  And to tease you, CryWolf, aka Justin Taylor-Phillips, gives us quite the beauty of a tune, called The Moon Is Falling Down. It employs a female vocalist by the name of Charity Lane, of which I’m a sucker for, some great melody and synth lines and the great pounding beat and bass that gives this track the punch we have come to expect CryWolf to bring. It’s a great way to open up an EP and a great way to tease the EP. Whetting the appetite is the name of the game and he’s done it to a T.

So yeah, get at this tune, get at the pre-order, again HERE, and follow CryWolf (Soundcloud, Facebook). Being able to hang out with him and see some of his live work over SXSW really brought home how cool of a cat he is, and how great his live set is AND how great his music is in general. Overall, he’s worth the love you give him, so do it!

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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