Circ And Deluce Are Such a Delight

You know what’s great about remixes by artists you’ve just discovered?  Exploring the tracks of the artist the remixer done remixified.  sometimes the remixer has outshone the remixee, and sometimes the other way around.  But in this instance, they’ve both come through with shining colors.  Deluce and Circ, both out of France, are two artists in this particular scenario and I’m enjoying them both immensely right now.

Circ, as you see below, is one of those artists that makes the indie electronic, and the jaunty beat and synth work, coupled with vocal samples and a melody that just won’t quit make it plain that this guy is definitely worth following.

Then you have Deluce who remixed one of Circ’s more recent tunes and puts his own simple twist to the track.  Simple, though, does not equate to something without depth and substance.  This remix gives a bit more of a house feel without subjecting you to the four to the floor monotony that some tunes can fall into.  Tastefully done and making me a fan, Deluce and Circ are a great double discovery.

So check these tunes, give them a follow Circ (Soundcloud, Facebook) and Deluce (Soundcloud, Facebook), and show them some amor.

CIRC – The Night We Danced Without A Care (Ðeluce Remix) by Ðeluce

Big Nature (long edit) by CIRC

Skew Point by CIRC

girls thoughts by CIRC

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