TYR’s So Focused Right Now

Let’s all gather around and enjoy the funky stylings of…TYR? TYR, the guy who used to make that grimey dubstep not too long ago? TYR, the viking faced dude out of Colorado? Yeah that’s right, TYR is expanding his horizons, musical frontiers and just overall catalogue. You could see this hint of funky and groovin goodness in the two remix EP’s he released last year (HERE and HERE), and he’s continued down that path with not only that great Sunsquabi remix from last month but this original track right here. Channeling some Justice, some Daft Punk and a whole lotta TYR, he’s given us 2+ minutes of goodness we can bob whatever appendage is free.

So follow TYR (Soundcloud, Facebook) and lets see where he takes us next!

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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