Three Pack from Y U M E

Y U M E gives us some all out chillness to start our day.  Another lovestep producer I’ve been following for a bit, but not long enough.  I believe Y U M E’s The Weeknd bootleg from a few months ago was the first track that caught my eye, but I’m not sure anymore.  What I am sure about, though, is that with every new release, I just blast it on repeat for at least 24-48 hours.  That might be something I might have to call a doctor about or something, but I don’t care.

Anyway, the newest single from Y U M E, Just Us, is one of those slow burn tracks that really draws you in and when the track fades out after five minutes and fifty seconds, you are sad and disappointed that the ride is over.   Packaguing it together with another tune, Bloom, you get how big of a sound, Y U M E is of a chill beats, lovestep producer.

So one thing you have to realize is that this isn’t the only good track from Y U M E.  I’ve thrown a past track on here so you can see.  Not a lot of tunes in the catalogue, but Jesse Taylor out of NY, obviously believes in quality over quantity.

So check these tunes, past and present, and get to know Y U M E (Soundcloud, Facebook).  It won’t be long before he’s a household name.

Admire by Y U M E

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