The Symbiose Of Virgin Minds

Virgin Minds is back at it with another delectable track.  We’ve been following Virgin Minds for a bit and every time a new track drops I’m so eager to snap it up.  This tune follows in the footsteps of their wonderful track It’s Always My Fault in that it takes some great vocals and chops them, loops them and just rubs them all the right ways.  It’s a formula that works every time for Virgin Minds and I cannot wait for more!

4 tracks into the career of Virgin Minds and every one of them are some slow-burn heaters. With only 4 tracks in their catalogue, it lets us in on a great discovery through the Virgin Minds career and evolution. While the little hipster in me wants to keep them all mine, the blogger in me wants to spread their music to everyone who has a functioning set of waxholes.

So follow Virgin Minds (Soundcloud, Facebook) and show some love!

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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