Soulular and Spoken Bird Speakin’ For The Trees

Been waiting for awhile to give you all some Spoken Bird.  We’ve been hanging out with him in our room, as well as just enjoying his virtual company for awhile now.  While we wait on his upcoming EP, though, he decided to halt our incessant questions of when said EP was going to drop by teaming up with another good friend of the blog, Soulular, to release this great slow burn of a tune.

You know how we like glitch, and how we like burner psy-hop kinda stuff (ok maybe that’s just me) so this tune, while from two friends, is really right up our alley.  If this tune would have been made by Avicii and Pauly D we’d post it, moral high-ground be damned. But luckily we don’t have to test the boundaries of our respectability and we can give props to two great dudes and promising producers to boot.

So check this collaboration, download it for free and follow the dudes Spoken Bird (Soundcloud, Facebook) and Soulular (Soundcloud, Facebook) for more of their solo work, and hopefully some more collaborations!

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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