As you know we don’t (read: *I* don’t) post much House music, but that’s not because there’s a dearth of it out there. For me, I feel that the genre is covered extensively and by people who live and breathe the genre, unlike me.  But when I do happen onto some good house, I likle to share.  This tune is one of those tunes.  Sampling heavily from Biggie Smalls (how can I resist that?), this tune is one part house, one part hip hop, one part grimey dnb, making one soupy mixture of awesome.

This is the kinda house I could get behind, and Soul Circuit (Soundcloud, Facebook) is just the artist duo (Tom and Dan out of London) I can get behind. And as a bonus, check out this tune the Soul Circuit duo did with our main man Benny Kane and Urban Knights a few months ago which is what introduced me to Soul Circuit lads in the first place.

Urban Knights Feat. Eva Lazarus – Voodoo (SoulCircuit & Dr Specs Remix) [OUT NOW] by SoulCircuit

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