Pigeon Hole Gives Us The Chimp Blood, And An Interview!


Fun is what music is all about right? Sure there’s some introspective, deep stuff that gets you inspired to paint a bowl of fruit, but for the most part, you listen to music to bob your head, shake your ass and move like you’re on Soul Train. Cue Pigeon Hole, the duo who also like to throw down with the Sweatshop Union collective out of Vancouver area.  With the names of “Dusty Melo” (Colin McCue) and “Marmalade” (Lee Napthine). These guys do whatever it takes to make sure you, the listener, get everything out of the music that you can. Whether it’s slow motion food fights in hamburger and hot dog costumes to the track Roll Up, or bustin into your local pharmacy for some Neosporin like a Boss to the tune of Chimpblood, this album could be the soundtrack of your summer, your Junior year of High School, or just your 5th year living in your parents’ pool house after college. Any and all apply, and this album is deserving not only a repeat listen but exposing your boring friends to it too.

The second album from the duo (get it HERE, by the way) they’ve given us fun, without being frat boy, beats without being onerous, and rhymes without being bombastic. It’s pure unadulterated listening enjoyment and if you can’t move to this, than your therapist should note it down and file it along with your weird fear of yellow tricyles and thin mint Girl Scout cookies.

So let’s do this, shall we? Let’s listen to the tunes below, lets watch some videos (one above, one HERE) and let’s just jump on our desks and throw our laptops in the a-yer, like we just don’t ca-yer. Oh yeah, and follow these guys because they were kind enough to answer our nonsensical questions about waffles, yoga pants and chimp gangs.

So without further ado, have at some music and some Q’s and A’s.

Waxhole: Chimpblood, Ice Dicks, The Marinade…Where do you get these titles from? You playing MadLibs?
Colin: We roll chicken bones and let the oracle decide the names. Its just a vibe thing. The tracks usually just names themselves.

Waxhole:The chimp on the cover of your album looks like he’s throwing gang signs. What gang is he affiliated with?

Colin: He actually is. took a lot of bananas to teach that fool how to throw up his set.
Lee: He reps Chimpcrips. I like that you noticed that.

Waxhole: You guys have fun with everything you do. Is there any limit of what you’d go to in order to make sure the crowd is all in?

Colin: No limit. If the crowd wants it and we can deliver, its on. my dream is to smash a laptop on stage….but then the music would stop…so….
Lee: We’re there for their entertainment… We just want everyone having as much fun as we are.

Waxhole:Pigeon Hole is a part of Sweatshop Union…Is PH your chance to go wild-ass, fringe half shirts and Pac-Man boxers where SU is where you have to wear your tuxedo shirt to the studio?

Colin: More than anything its our chance to do exactly what we want, how we want. Our whole thing with pigeon hole is no limits, no expectations. We don’t worry about shocking people or catching them off guard. We just make what we want to make.

Waxhole: Was Pigeon Hole a conscious choice for a project name as an ironic statement as to how others might try and shoehorn you into one genre or the other? Or was it just one of those names that popped up that you could then make over-analyzing bloggers think you really put any thought into the name?

Colin: Its a little of both. We like to keep people on their toes with what we’re doing plus it just makes it more fun and exciting for us. Its not really like we sit down and are like ‘yo we need to do something totally different on this project’, it just seems to play out like that.
Lee: yeah that’s it. People always seem to think were talking about pigeon ass.

Waxhole:Ice Dicks is becoming quite the critical favorite out there. Was this title also done on purpose so young, cute hipsters in black frame glasses have to repeatedly say “Ice Dicks” in their everyday conversation?

Colin: Thats the only reason the song is named ‘Ice Dicks’.

Waxhole:You have cited hip hop, mostly 90’s version, for your influences. If you were to compare yourself with a Wu-Tang member who would you be? And don’t say RZA, because he is off-limits…

Colin: Method Man…wish i was Ol’ Dirty though.
L: What about MC Eiht? Wasn’t he Wu-affiliated at one point? I’m going MC Eiht.
Colin: You’re reaching bud.

Waxhole:In a dream scenario of playing just quincenera’s and 50th wedding anniversary parties across the border towns of US and Mexico, who would you pick as your tourmates?

Colin: Stylust Beats, Selena Gomez and Biz Markie. everybody’s happy.
Lee: A dubstep producer, a mouseketeer, and a half-retarded 80’s rap star walk into a bar….

Waxhole:Breakfast tacos or waffles for breakfast? Why?

Colin: Tacos over waffles everyday. I love eggs.
Lee: Tacos. Waffles remind me of super 8 motels. Over it.

Waxhole: Yoga pants or bike shorts? which do you find more comfortable?

Lee: Is this a trick question?

Waxhole: Skis or board?

Colin: Crazy Carpet.
Lee: Hover Board.
Colin: OH SHIT! We’re changing our raps names to Michael J Fox & David Blaine by the way. Hover Boys

Waxhole: Favorite US city to play live? Why?

Colin: Denver. they are hype as fuck. they like hip hop and they like bass music.
Lee: San Francisco. I love it there. I want a full take over of that city. It’s in the works.

Waxhole:Favorite US city to get a tattoo in? Why?

Colin: I’m god body, no tattoos. Just like mum made me.

Waxhole: What is your favorite track from the album to play live?

Colin: Champion. shits buck and everybody moves.

L: Wolf Pack. I like to win em over with some underground hip hop shit before i get em booty clappin.

Waxhole: Steve Aoki throws cake at his fans at his shows. What would you throw at yours if you didn’t care about lawsuits or having it come right back at you?

Colin: $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
Colin: Plus i wouldn’t mind one bit if they threw it back at me.

Waxhole: Festivals or small clubs? Why?

Colin: Festivals. the sound is HUGE and its a party. When we do festivals we don’t just play our set and roll out, we get messy. We’re the last ones up. That’s what I live for.
Lee: What he said. We go hard.

Waxhole: Festival season is approaching, and you guys seem like perfect festy acts. Your sound appeals to many different musical tastes, you’re fun as hell to watch and you are from Canada. What festivals are you booked for and which ones are you hoping to get asked to?

Colin: We’re just starting to lock down festivals right now. We’re doing Tall Trees out here on the island and we’re hoping to hit Shambhala, Basscoast, Rifflandia, Dessert Rocks and a bunch more. I really feel like festivals are the platform for our music. Thats where it will go off.
Lee: Yeah – if you have a festival going on, get at us! I want to stay busy touring the big shows this summer.

Waxhole:What’s next for 2013?

Colin: More music. I want to continue to build the catalogue and get the live show bigger and better. I want people to know when they see Pigeon Hole its going to be buck.
Lee: I really dont know. Every day I have a new ideas on what were going to do next. More music! More shows!

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