Mindbuffer’s Digital Silhouette

Mindbuffer hasn’t been on the blog in awhile, but that sure doesn’t mean that we haven’t been following him closely.  PanFM is a song that has been remixed by many people and luminaries in the glitch scene, like Mr. Bill, White Bear, Fine Cut Bodies and Circuit Bent to name just a few of the 12 scattered across the different PanFM Chapters 1 – 3 (Get them all HERE).  PanFM volume 4, however is a break from the remixes and drops a new tune on us, as well as a PanFM mix from current day and one from past days.  These PanFM mixes are 10+ minutes of glitchy, psy-hoppin greatness and ones to bring on any camping trip, burner festival or car ride through the midnight blackness.

But the new tune that may or may not set off another round of remix volumes is called Digital Silhouette and it employs the absolute beauty that we’ve come to know from Mindbuffer (Soundcloud, Facebook).  The intro belies what is to come, and that is crunchy, glitchy mayhem.  An ordered mayhem, mind you, but still.  And its what we knpow and love from Mindbuffer.  His sense of atmosphere and textures is only getting deeper and more tangible and as an artist to be ever improving or evolving is what I love to see.  But wait, as if this wasn’t good enough, we have a remix of the same new tune by Anemone, whom I had never heard of before.  But now, after this great remix, I’m going to check out forthwith!

So check these tunes and go HERE to get the Chapter 4 which also includes a PanFM Mix from 2011 (and don’t call it mouldy, because it’s still as fresh as the day it was dropped) and since this Chapter, as all of them, is a Pay What You Want deal, it’s great for the budget conscious and magnanimous alike!

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