Lorn, In Italics

Lorn is one of those guys that I have been following for a bit but just haven’t featured here on the blog (still not sure why that is). He’s usually giving dark and mysterious spins to great tracks like in his album off of Ninja Tune from last year, Ask The Dust. And lo and behold this tune, a bonus track for those who downloaded the album digitally, gives out the dark and mysterious vibe in spades.

But this tune, for those who have not heard of Lorn, shows what he’s all about. The brass cavalcade punctuating the synth sweeps and subversive beat give this tune nothing short of an epic feel. Like a score for a film epic, or video game intro this tune could set up a multitude of scenarios. This cerebral type tune is his forte and I love every second of it.

Sure, his Soundcloud is bereft of goodies, but no matter, there are other ways to follow this bomb producer such as his Facebook and follow Ninja Tune as they release his music these days.

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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