Level Up With RoboCLIP

RoboCLIP, our homey from out in Salt Lake City has finally released his album, Level Up. We have had the pleasure of hearing many of the tunes in advance, and they are still as fresh now with the fancy packaging as they were at first listen. If you’ve been following Robo you’ll have heard a few cuts from the album, but if you haven’t enjoy the tunes below and go forthwith to get the album

Keeping it simple, yet complex is hard to do, but Robo has done it. Not getting bogged down with convoluted synth lines and rum work, Robo still gives his all with his sample work. Including obscure piano riffs, chopped up vocals and straight samples into his tracks he keeps you on your toes as to what sample is uncovered with the next tune. Sometimes you catch it straight away, and sometimes it flies right by unnoticed, but either way, he’s gotten you hooked and after the 12 tracks are through, you’re scrambling to find your favorite from the bunch. It’s hard to do and it takes another couple of listens to start even approaching picking a favorite.

I’ve included three tracks from the album below that show a great representation of what to expect with the album. Bouncin’ and Roastin’ have also been featured in videos for your viewing pleasure.  Bouncin’ for a geometric heavy video (HERE) and Roastin’ for a Taiwanese trike drifting video (HERE).  You can get the album HERE, and you can follow RoboCLIP via his Soundcloud and Facebook, but also through DAMN SON Records (Official Site, Facebook), the label he co-runs with Tom SRVO, also out of Salt Lake.

Bouncin’ by ROBOCLIP

Kushin’ by ROBOCLIP

Roastin’ by ROBOCLIP

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