Jam Jarr With Some NewNew!

Jam Jarr has a new track out, everyone!  When I see a new track drop from them it’s like Christmas for me.  I run around the house with my footy-pajamas on and yell in excited over-caffeinated NEW JAM JARR! NEW JAM JARR!.  It’s probably unhealthy, but I can help it.  They just know how to make those tunes that get me every time.  Equal parts glitchy bass and hiphop and that’s a perfect recipe for jammage on my end.

You know Jam Jarr from past posts (HERE and HERE) and I am eager to jump on anything they release.  This tune is one of those bangin joints that would be great as a stand-alone instrumental.  But then you add Bakaman into the mix and you’ve got a dancfloor churnin’ like a typhoon.

Oh and as a bonus, have this older joint that actually slipped under my radar…not sure how, but I am ashamed.

And do one thing, follow Jam Jarr (Soundcloud, Facebook) for so many more great tunes and info. And if you really want to build out your fandom, follow African Dope Records for more Jam Jarr and some other really great South African artists

Jam Jarr – Choke The Focus by Jam Jarr

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