Ishi’s Mother Prism Gets That L&O Magic

As you might know, we here at Waxhole have an indie dance side to us.  It peeks out every now and again but while we’re not ashamed of it, it just doesn’t feature in the blog as much as the EDM and hiphop stuff.  But when we do post the indie dance we like to keep it fresh and still post that good stuff we know you all have come to expect.

So with that, have at this tune from a band called Ishi off of their upcoming album.  Fans have been waiting a long time for this album and while those lucky enough to see them live have heard tracks from the new album they haven’t been able to jam them in their car, in their headphones or on the stereo by the pool.  Come May, they will, and there will be much rejoicing.  Leading up to that release, though, Ishi have done a good turn and popped a few tracks on their Soundcloud for the fans that follow them and it gives a great peek as to what’s on the album for those fans who don’t have the option to see them. 

They’ve also asked good friends of the blog and bad-ass producers in their own right, Libations & Oscillations to remix the track.  What we have is an L&O special, slowing down the original indie dance vibe, adding some eastern influences and their own atmospheric flavors to really get this tune sounding so much like it’s own track.  This isn’t just a new beat over an original here.  This is new instrumentation, tempos, synths, melodies and beat.  The whole kit and kaboodle, if you will.

So check this remix, and check Ishi’s Soundcloud page to hear the original and while you’re at it follow the guys of Ishi (Soundcloud, Facebook) and L&O (Soundcloud, Facebook).  They both have a lot of exciting projects in the works and it’ll be awesome to keep up with them!

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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