Introducing LeGinge!

LeGinge, another of the wunderkinds that seem to be taking over this music thing is a guy I have been following for awhile now. Someone who I was introduced to in the early days of his production on, this guy showed that even early on he had some serious skills. While trap is his preferred style, he dips into juke, trill and some other genres I don’t know pretty regularly. The good thing about leGinge is that he’s making music he wants and not trying to mold a tune into a style for the sake of easy classification. He’s really just exploring the sounds and vibes out there and producing some downright gems along the way. While we have posted track he has had a hand in (HERE), we haven’t given him his proper due, so sit back, listen up, and take heed.

Below you will see three tracks of his that I find particularly bangin. The first track is a recent one where he took some Motown vibes, and passed it through his special trapgrinder to make this jaunty little tune. The second is one of my favorites of his and one that absolutely kills it. The brass gets me every time and he’s used it to max effect. EpicTrap is what this track should be classified. The third selection is the track that first brought it home that he had something goin on those many months ago and it made me sit up and take notice pretty quickly.

So follow LeGinge (Soundcloud, Facebook) and let’s see where he takes us next. Watch out for a remix getting released off the Damn Son label in the near future as well. I’m looking forward to hearing what he puts together for that one.

LeGinge – The Motrap Jam by LeGinge

LeGinge – The Prestige by LeGinge

LeGinge – ?pic? S??c? by LeGinge

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