Introducing Broken Lip and his BSN Posse!

The discovery is why we do this.  OK, the discovery and sharing what we’ve found, is why we do this.  And when sharing turns into discovery, that’s the greatest.  This is how I got turned onto Bright Lips, aka Kike from Malaga, on the south coast of Spain.

You might remember on Sunday we posted that great mixtape from Trill Scott Heron (HERE).  While that mixtape had a lot of artists we’ve heard and some we have posted, like TASO, LeGinge, Profesher, and Soulular, it also had some that we hadn’t like Broken Lips.

That track is the one below, entitled Bright Eyes, featuring a great vocalist by the name of Sarah Burns out of North Carolina.   She brings to life this great tune and adds some sultry angle that the production accentuates.  Or do the vocals accentuate the production?  It’s such a great tune, and it works so well together that I don’t care, I’ll just listen to it again.  Then you have Cumbia Meta Acida, produced by Broken Lip, but featuring Bigote and MishMash and El Matidor…all artists with Spanish origins and all contributing their great talents to this haunting, but massive tune.

But then what’s this…a Clip?  What does this Clip mean?  Well, it’s a preview of an EP that the duo of Bright Lip and Stay Puft (also of Malaga) who produce and perform as BSN Posse, are releasing next month.  Featuring a tune produced by each on their own as well as one together they all three feature a lyricist by the name of Skill Joseph, and they’re all three good good stuff!

So check these tunes, get to know Bright Lip (Soundcloud, Facebook) and BSN Posse (Soundcloud, Facebook) and watch for that EP to drop!

Broken Lip feat. Sarah Burns – Magic Eyes (Forward Thinking Sounds) by ? Broken Lip ?

Bigote feat. MishMish+ElMeditador – Cumbia Meta Acida (Broken Lip Rmx) Free D/L by ? Broken Lip ?

BSN Posse X Skill Joseph – Old Future :: Chapter 1 (prod. Broken Lip) Forthcoming by BSN Posse

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