House Never Sounded So BUSTED

You might have seen some increased activity over the weekend from Waxhole’s social media presence concerning a certain producer by the name of heRobust.  The reason for that was that not only was I going to see him as well as Psymbionic and Big Gigantic, but I was gonna have some good ol’ Tex Mex and cervezas with him before the show.  Gettin to Bro out with one of the breakout producers of 2012 (even though he’s been making that musical fire since 2010) was a treat.

Lending insights into his music making process, his live set mentality, his recent move from Atlanta to Miami, the state of the Atlanta Falcons, his current tour with Big Gigantic and future shows, and just general producer talk, he answered a lot of questions I had accumulated with every release.

One item I did query him about was this EP, of which you see the tracks below.  BUSTED does not usually get paired with house, but Hayden, always looking for a challenge and never satisfied to stay in his comfort zone, came out with this BUSTED House EP.  Elements of House, trap and bass combined to make his very own version of the Trap House genre that is already sort of out there, but not really.  Not in this sense anyway.

Arnold Facepalmer by heRobust

The tunes on this EP also show a move from scene to scene and tours getting larger and more diverse.  Having more ammo for any situation is key for him and his live sets.  Hayden does not do live sets for him, but he does them for the crowd.  He is humble enough to realize that most of the people at some of these shows are not there specifically to see him so they need a little extra motivation to rage on the floor, so playing those tunes that facilitate said raging are key.  And if he can play his own tunes in doing so instead of someone else’s then it’s a win for him.  So consider this tasty and off the beaten heRobust path a few arrows in his quiver and not a decided direction he is taking.  Nor is this just a dalliance either.  Hayden put the same amount of work into this as he would any originals and it shows.  Great production as always and a great vibe all the way through.  Hayden is that rare producer, like Gramatik, who can change genre’s as quickly as changing his undies and still produce fire.

Assault N Pepa by heRobust

And for those fans of his that tend to like his earlier stuff, the more chilled side with the beats, the glitch and the bass, he has assured me that he hasn’t forgotten you all.  He’s going to give us more of that, but enjoy the ride now, as he’s giving us a lot of greatness along the way. 

And then the live set came along and as always with a pared down production behind him he still rocked it.  As large of a venue as House of Blues is, he managed to engage those fans who were solidly there for Big Gigantic and get them nice and warmed up and raging all on their own beforehand.  Always on the lookout to playing some local hip hop for the crowd is one of his hidden pleasures.  He gets as big of a thrill to seeing a St Louis crowd go ape to his own version of nelly’s Country Grammar as the crowd itself.  And the disappointment when a crowd doesn’t recognize some of their own hiphop culture saddens him and he cries dirty south tears, which is equal parts codeine and sugar water. 

Flossed N Found by heRobust

So check this new sound from heRobust and follow him where you can (Soundcloud, Facebook) for tour info, new releases and just general awesomeness.  And from us here at Waxhole, we thank him for his time and his rad-ness.

Girls Gone Wildebeest by heRobust

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