Gettin Screwed This Sunday With Trill Scott Heron

Ok so the weekend is over. For some of us that means our week is going to get infinitely worse. For others, it means just another day. Whatever the case may be, winding down from a weekend requires just the right mood, vibe and sounds. I’ve got somethin just for you then! Trill Scott Heron’s Future Screw Tape, via Forward Thinking Sounds fits just that mood.

You might remember his name from a post HERE last week featuring some pretty great tunes he had re-worked. Taking the chop and screw method to almost everything he does, Heron’s not for everyone. But the fact that he selects tracks as varied as indie to trap to the stereotypical rap tracks to treat gives a fresh perspective to this method. This Mixtape, for example, starts out with a friend of the blog Soulular and his special brand of chilled out bass then works right into some great trap. This mixtape highlights that you don’t have to be knee deep into some codeine to enjoy the genre.

Also, as a bonus check out a couple of his latest tracks that he’s added to his rapidly expanding catalogue. So follow Trill Scott Heron (Soundcloud, Facebook) and follow Forward Thinking Sounds (Facebook)

Trill Scott Heron – Forward Thinking Screwtape by Forward Thinking Sounds

Rhye – Open (Ryan Hemsworth Remix) Trill Scott Heron Future Screw by †?ï?? $??†† ?È??N

 Verve – WrKD (Trill Scott Heron Future Screw) by †?ï?? $??†† ?È??N

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