F3edo Eases You Back Into Your Week

Rameses B is a producer that knows what he’s doing, but most times his sound is just a little too soft for posting on here. That doesn’t detract from his talent, mind. so when a producer like F3edo gets after it and turns it into some garagey goodness, I’m more than willing to listen and enjoy.

So get after this tune and follow F3edo (Soundcloud, Facebook). He’s got some gems on the Soundcloud and it’s not doubt whatever he drops next will be some real good stuff. Oh and as a bonus have some older jams of his. I cpouldn’t remember which tune I started being a fan of for him, so I posted both to be sure.

F3edo – More You [Download link in description] by F3edo

F3edo – I Need To Know [Download link in description] by F3edo

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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