CryWolf and Aylen Combine For Some Silence

Crywolf is back at it, with the ever changing sound and style, he is getting more experimental with his sounds and collaborations with every track and it’s great to see.  Nobody likes the stagnant artist and Justin is making sure that growth is as big a part of his production as quality.

This tune, a collaboration with dubstep/trap producer Aylen, shows that while his last collab with Ianborg (HERE) was nice, chill and lovely, he’s also down to throw in the punch of some heavy bass, concussive drums and bangin beats.  While Aylen is usually keen to remix the big boys of the scene, he’s done a solid here to not remix a heavyweight but work on an original with an artist.  Those two take much different talents and it’s great to see how well it was accomplished.  

So check this tune, and love it up.  Also follow CryWolf (Soundcloud, Facebook) and Aylen (Soundcloud, Facebook) for more of their stuff.  You won’t be disappointed in the least.  Oh and check out that artwork from Waxhole’s very own BennyDNGR.

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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