Capilari and Guetshow Submit a Nicety!

Submissions, submissions, submissions.  They’re not always winners, but you have to respect every one of them.  The artists put a lot of time and effort into the tunes (most of them anyway) and we try and listen to every single one out of respect and out of curiosity.  We post a few, follow a few promising artists and tuck away others as ones to revisit.  But this one caught my attention and I’ve listened, re-listened and am enjoying it so much it just had to go in the “To Post” pile.

Amy Capilari, a singer-songwriter out of London by way of Romania(?) combines with the production of Jens Guetschow, out of Germany, to create this hauntingly beautiful tune.  While Capilari usually gives us the House tunes, and Guetschow is all over the place, in terms of genres, it’s plain to see that this combo project is a winner.  I just hope that there are more!

So check this tune, follow Capilari and Guetschow and let’s just see what they bring out next.

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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