Bronze Whale remixin that Taxidermy Hall

So you know Bronze Whale by now, and if you don’t then you need to get to know them sharpish! And you know Honey Claws from us here on the blog and from Breaking Bad, but did you know that they have combined forces to create some absolute beautiful music? Bronze Whale along with Thomas Sahs, 1/2 of Honey Claws, took this great track from Australian producer Rob Dickens, aka Taxidermy Hall, and wove in their special brand of synths, bass and melody that entrances you from start to finish. This is one of those tracks that will be at the top of your playlist for months at a time.

You’ll notice very quickly that the vocals form a large part of the track, and are a big reason for why I love this track so much. Instead of chopping, pitching down/up or just messing with them which they usually do to great effect, they’ve left the vocals pretty much as they were when sent over to them and built the track around that the piano and some minor guitar work to really give us that subversive booming sound we have come to love of the Bronze Whale guys. While the original works as a synth pop tune, it works on so many other levels now with the BW + Sahs touch and gives us an outstanding variation to either supplement our love for the original tune or appeal to our more electronic senses and substitute it altogether.  Either isn’t bad and I’ll have both versions in my queue.

So do yourself a favor and get at this track, follow the guys of Bronze Whale (Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter) and Sahs (Facebook) for more goodies from the two artists. And while you’re at it have a listen to the original from Taxidermy Hall, included as a bonus below. While it’s more synth poppy than we usually feature, it gives a good background as to the before and after magic of this remix.

Lasting Words (feat. Winston & Goldstein) by taxidermyhall

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