Best of the best

Not that this is news or anything, but you’d be hard pressed to find d’n’b done anywhere near as well as what we see coming from frequent collaborators Noisia, Misanthrop & Phace. This Monday brings a teaser of their latest release, the Motor EP, and it once again sets the bar for excellence in production, check it!

NSGNLEP002W D – Phace + Noisia – MPD by MisanthropNSGNL

NSGNLEP002W C – Phace & Misanthrop – Waveform by MisanthropNSGNL

NSGNLEP002M B – Phace+Misanthrop+Mefjus – Twisted by MisanthropNSGNL

NSGNLEP002M A Phace & Misanthrop – Motor by MisanthropNSGNL

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