Audio treats, Vital & Hubb, VVV & Ghostek. So Many Names!

The Waxhole family and alumni is growing bigger every day and I love every single one of them. But as the family and alumni group grows, so does the music that accumulates from them all.  It’d be impossible to post them all (so we don’t), but even so, it’s hard to stay on top of it all.  So for that reason, let’s have some tunes from some of our fam and friends, shall we?

The first is of Audio Treats (Soundcloud, Facebook) and his unique treatment of a The Weeknd song.  He’s treated The Weeknd before and to great effect (HERE), and while this one is a different direction, it’s still great!

The Weeknd – XO / The Host (AudioTreats Remix) by AudioTreats

Then we have friends of the blog Vital and Hubb (Vital’s Soundcloud, Hubb’s Soundcloud)remixing other friends of the blog Ishi. Much like our buddies Libations and Oscillations did a few weeks ago (HERE), this tune is on the chill side and it works oh so well.

ISHI – Mother Prism (Vital and Hubb remix) by Ishimusic

Last but not least is alumni VVV (Soundcloud, Facebook) with a track he did with Ghostek (Soundcloud, Facebook) and combining on a wonderfully chill and deep track.

VVV + Ghostek – Flashing Light [forthcoming on DPR Recordings] by ghostek

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