Atu Shows His Pictures On Silence

Well it’s here, ladies and gentlemen.  Atu, the guy we posted so long ago (Remember?) has gone from releasing beat tapes to putting together a full album for quite the stellar label, Soulection.  This album is more of a traditional feel as opposed to atu’s revious EP works where 4 tracks could total 4 minutes of play, but those 4 minutes were always packed full of awesomeness.  Now, we have 10 tracks to gnosh on and they don’t let you down one bit.

We’ve been following this progression of atu’s not from ground zero, but from a very early stage of his career and this album is just an affirmation that the tracks we fell in love with were no fluke.  Now we get to enjoy this album and lick our chops over what he’ll do next.  A collab with Chet Faker?  Another album?  A US mini-tour?  Production credits for someone like Miguel or Tinashe?  Who knows, but I’m going to enjoy this album thoroughly as I sit back and see.

So enjoy the album, donate to his and Soulection’s cause and feel good about the purchase.  It’s not only a great investment on your part but it helps two stellar sources of music keep on truckin’.  Oh and follow Atu (Soundcloud, Facebook) and Soulection (Official Site, Facebook) too, while you’re at it.

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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