Artifakts With The Raw Cuts

Artifakts, Garret Meyer out of Wisconsin, has been delighting me with funky beats for awhile now. On the lighter side of the beat genre, he’s had me hooked since day one and recently he put together a Set for us and for our readers to get a good sense of what he’s working on and the direction he’s taking with his music. Four tracks of chillin’, groovin’ funky good times and it shows what this producer is all about.

While Garret is still defining his sound, his tracks he drops on the regular not only chronicle his journey, but give the listener goodness all long the way. Garret is labeled as a beats producer and while technically this is true, i guess, I don’t see him as one. His tunes always have so much depth and atmosphere that short-shrifting his tunes as just beats is a little disappointing and misleading. From the first track to the 4th you realize you don’t need a lyricist or vocalist adding their voices to the mix. Sure that’d be dope, but these tracks hold true as songs all their own. Unadulterated with or with accompaniment, these tunes will have your head bobbin and your foot tappin throughout the entire set.

So keep an eye on this one. Listen to these tunes, and follow Artifakts (Soundcloud, Facebook) for more goodness such as this.

01 Artifakts – Pins & Needles by Artifakts.

02 Artifakts – Clean Cuts by Artifakts.

03 Artifakts – Short Term by Artifakts.

04 Artifakts – Always Here by Artifakts.

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